Warehousing the world from kansas city!


At IUW we have numerous safety procedures, policies and systems in place to ensure the highest standards of safety in our warehouse, for the protection of our clients, their product and our well trained team of employees. Your safety is always our highest priority.

  • Location, location, location!
  • Lower operating costs
  • Climate controlled
  • Full range of services
Clean, safe and recognized

Whatever safety procedures or systems are in place to run a warehouse, they are only as good as those implementing them. To ensure safety remains a top priority, frequent training (of every employee), followed by enforcement and review is essential.

Our Advantages

  • More than half a million sq. ft. of freezer space
  • Nearly 250,000 sq. ft. of additional cooler space
  • Three million sq. ft. of dry storage, in a constant environment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Innovation
  • Climate controlled
  • Full range of services
  • Secure, safe, convenient
  • Clean, safe and recognized
  • Comfortable business terms
  • Inventory control
  • RV, boat and auto storage
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Our Core Values


We invest in insight to get to the heart of our customers’ challenges. We are open and transparent in the way we work.


Deeply involved in building relationships – everything we do is with the long-term in mind Our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our success – we get every detail right


We are constantly developing better ways of working If we find a better way of working, we act upon it and proactively share it

What Clients Say About Us

"Warehouse customer care have been amazing. Keeping me informed and telling me what to expect. Their response has been quick and friendly.I can't rate them enough."


"Amanda from Customer Services provided a very efficient response to my query, which was quickly resolved. She was professionally friendly in her communication."

Cindy Howard COUNTY, TX

Warehousing the world from kansas city!

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